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October 23, 2004.

Thanks to resources that kind people post over the internet, I managed to create a very small and easy adapter to use my Futaba FF3 with my computer!

In the following pics, my friend Ayrton is testing the FF3 with a BigScaleRacing demo and Colin McRae 4 games...


Here is also a small video of Ayrton playing CMR4 on my computer!
The video is mpeg2 format, dimensions 352x240, file size 5mb, duration 29 sec.

(Right click and "save as").

at first the device did not respond at all. So we switched the transistor on the parallel port interface and it worked flawlessly. Somehow we could not make the FF3's buttons to work, but even so we enjoyed both games!


* FMS Flying model simulator
Thanks to:
* Eric Jaakkola or He designed this very simple and cheap interface, that worked first time with my Futaba FF3 and various r/c and racing simulators (see pics, above!).
* To Deon van der Westhuysen who designed the Parallel Port Joystic program and driver: PPJoy
PS: Now I need to find and buy the complete BSR game!!!!!! The demo is only 2 laps worth!!!!