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This is the Kyosho R/C Bike manuals page!

I have made a few scans of the venerable MK1 owners manual and the HOR version as well.

MK1 bikes:

Kyosho Honda NSR500 MK1 (non-moving rider) complete manual scans

The original stickers of the NSR Mk1

Yamaha YZR500 MK1 Stickers!

Pepsi Suzuki MK1 Stickers

MK2 bikes:

Kyosho Suzuki RGV500 HOR Manual scans

RGV Mk2 stickers!

Suzuki RGV Mk2 Manual (pdf format, 1.2mb) Thanks to Turbored21
Repsol Honda NSR500 Decals

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Last update Dec 02, 2004

The R/C Bike site is here:

R/C car simulator played easily on my computer! See how I did it!